These owls have been so much fun to make I predict an owl filled year !

The small owl was made from a piece of fabric woven on a knit fun loom – a small plastic loom easily found on eBay or Amazon. It produces a loosely woven fabric and is easy and quick to use.
For the bigger pink owl I span some yarn from some botany waste roving which I buy regularly from www.worldofwool.co.uk (amazing stuff – if you are a fiber addict try some !) I plied with lurex thread from www.yarnsupplies.co.ukand then got out my Ashford Knitters loom and wove the fabric. As this owl was to be a gift for my daughters friend and I only had 24 hrs to make it I had to work quickly – so out came the sewing machine to piece the owl together. With the addition of crocheted eyes and nose and a couple if buttons it was starting to look cute. I was feeling rather pleased with my efforts and began to wrap the owl when my daughter piped up “It needs a nest !” Previous little owls I have made had little nests crocheted from parcel string. I crocheted furiously and managed to create a nest just in time – happily the recipient was delighted with her huggable owl !

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