Unfinished projects

So many of us on Twitter and Ravelry are vowing to complete unfinished projects this year – a kind of knitters new years resolution if you like. I moved house just six weeks ago and this house move forced me to sort through my stash and get my yarn and UFOs (unfinished objects!) into some kind of order – well a cardboard box actually !
I am planning on at least trying to stick to my vow to complete everything in the box. Today I pulled out some squares that I wove on a butterfly loom. These simple looms weave with appearance of crochet but are far faster. I discovered them by chance browsing the internet for small looms. You can get the looms on Amazon but the lady who developed the looms in Nerang Queensland will also ship them internationally. Her website and blog have lots of inspiration for how the looms can be used – combined with crochet you can make a fabulous blanket or scarf very quickly . The butterfly loom comes in various sizes and shapes – see http://www.thebutterflyloom.com for more details.
Tonight I am crocheting around the edge of the loom woven squares – I’ll post pictures of the finished object very soon


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