Weaving on a new loom – Kromski Harp review

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Kromski Harp Rigid Heddle Review

Having spent many hours researching looms and spinning wheels before purchase I decided to invest in a Kromski Rigid Heddle 24″ Loom this week. I bought the loom from www.winghamwoolwork.co.uk from their special offers section. The Loom was described as ex-display but to me appears brand new – their delivery was speedy and the loom really well packaged so I was delighted.

The loom was really easy to put together. It has a slightly different set up than the Ashford looms I am used to, in that it has a warp helper – a dowel onto which you place your warp thread rather than a fixed bar – this took some getting used to. I have to say having my two year old trying to limbo under the warp threads as I wrapped them around the warping peg (I direct warp) didn’t help and in the end the warp wasn’t a tight as I might have liked. The ratchets are infinitely better than the ones on my Ashford Knitters’ Loom giving a very firm tension. I find the ratchets on the Knitters’ loom slip when winding on the warp.

I invested in the stand along with the loom and I feel this is a must  – my Knitters’ loom stand tends to tip down but this stand is solid and makes weaving a breeze. I warped with commercial 4ply merino and wove with a combination of 4ply merino and hand spun yarn of unknown origin (botany waste from http://www.worldofwool.co.uk). As you can see from the above pictures it is turning out rather lovely ao all in all this loom was an excellent purchase which will get many hours of use .

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