Meet the Maker – Lemons For Lemonade

Hello!  My name is Emma and I run Lemons for Lemonade, a blog and Etsy shop with assorted extras!  Lemons for Lemonade was borne out of a desire to learn a new skill – crochet – and make something great and desirable out of beautiful yarn.  I predominantly take commissions but also sell “off-the-peg” items in my Etsy shop.  I am soon to take over an online yarn shop so keep your eyes peeled for that too!
* When did you start your business and what inspired you to start it?
I started my crochet business in 2011 although it didn’t really start to take off until 2012 when I started doing commissions.
* What are you favourite products you have made to date?
My absolute favourite products are the owl hats.  They’re a joy to make and they’re so popular!
* Where do you sell your lovely products?
I sell my wares predominantly on Etsy ( but I also take orders via Twitter, my Facebook page and my Instagram feed.
* You are about to take over an online yarn store  – tell us more !!
I’ve wanted to open my own shop for as long as I can remember.  Late last year I started to make that dream a reality by putting in motion all the cogs and wheels needed to buy an online yarn shop from a friend of a friend.  It will compliment what I do already and I can run the two businesses hand in hand.  Hopefully it won’t be long before my other dream of being totally self-employed comes true!
Yarnspy wishes you all the best with your business this year Emma – as well as making lovely products your  blog is fantastic with popping colours and fab photography to brighten the day !

One thought on “Meet the Maker – Lemons For Lemonade

  1. Well done Emma – wishing you every sucess for your dreams with Yarn / Wool so Woolly Hugs & Crochet Kissess being sent your way xx

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