Knitting Injuries and other Miscellany

Jasmine HatIt was a busy week last week – half term meant a house full of children so designing/knitting had to be squeezed into are quiet moments. Half term did however, give me the chance to indulge in some crafting with my youngest daughter whom I taught to knit at the age of five at her insistence.liv knitting circular

Now aged seven she decided having watched me knit up my new design the Jasmine hat pictured above, she decided she would teach herself to knit in the round. She grabbed the longest circular needle she could find and started to cast on – and cast on – and cast on – then started knitting declaring her “hat ‘ was going to be amazing – this hat is so big as you can see a giant would be the perfect model.

I love the fact that all my three girls can knit even if the youngest one is the only one who thinks it is cool to do so at the moment – and YES if I could persuade my ten year old son to pick up the needles I would  but he has an xbox 360 controller permanently attached to his hands ( I need to get someone to develop a knitting based xbox game – that would do the trick!). My littlest boy nearing the age of three loves yarn and knitting needles but in his little hands both can be a lethal weapon – perhaps I’ll make a knitter of him one day! I urge every knitter to teach a child how to knit at some point – its a frustrating but rewarding experience but helps to keep our craft alive.

Knitting injuries were the talk of this week – a lady in the charity shop I regularly visit told me how when putting out some knitting needles out on display she ending up “poking herself ” in an “awkward place’ – I didn’t ask her to elaborate further – she told me many times before I left the shop with my newly acquired needles to carry them very carefully !

I myself developed a sore patch – no don’t panic – it is a knitting related injury !! – between my thumb and first finger where the knitting rubbed to harshly – I blame knitting one rather harsh handspun – Leicester Longwool for rather too long !!

New Design on Ravelry today:

Jasmine is my latest design – a simple hat with a little touch of Fair Isle in the form of a three row peerie pattern that is really easy. The threaded ribbon trim makes it really pretty. Available to buy for just £1.50 on Ravelry.

2 thoughts on “Knitting Injuries and other Miscellany

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