Knitting on the National Curriculum


As a former Primary Teacher and married to a Secondary teacher (as well as mum to 5 children) education is high on my list of interests. I am in the middle of developing some resources for schools based around wool and whilst taking a look at the draft proposals for the new National Curriuculum planned for 2014, I was astounded and delighted to spy that knitting has crept in to the Textiles curriculum. Whilst teaching I ran a knitting club and it was a challenge and a joy – frustrated kids and pointy sticks could be a tricky combination but the satisfaction of seeing the penny drop and the wonky, full of holes knitting start to go more evenly, was worth it ! As I said in a previous post Ive taught my kids to knit  – there are some lovely books out there to help us teach kids to knit and I do think we should all try to encourage someone – young or old who doesn’t knit – to have a go.

Some of my favourite teach kids to knit books include:


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