In search of a new favourite yarn

I have had a favourite yarn for years – it’s King Cole Superwash Merino 4ply. I used this yarn exclusively when I designed and knitted baby cardigans, jumpers and hats which I sold to high end baby shops. I had a little team of knitters who knitted the items which were then sent them back to me so I could add hand embroidered details. I loved designing the baby knits and the quality of the knits was fab using this yarn – the yarn is smooth, soft, and in a lovely range of colours.


The old shade of King Cole Merino above

A couple of years into producing knits with this yarn I noted with disappointment that shade card had changed and the gorgeous baby pink had turned in to a shade nearer to mauve.


The new shade of King Cole Merino

The baby blue had also turned slightly brighter. The shops I designed for loved the muted shades of cream, baby blue and baby pink so was a blow that they were no longer available. I got offered a job back in primary teaching so left the knitting business behind but I am contemplating returning to this side of my business alongside pattern writing. There are lots of issues to consider -costs are a obviously big factor so out will come the calculator to see if I can make it viable. I am on a research mission to find fantastic yarns both for pattern designs and for the production side of my knitting business. The world of yarn has changed a lot since I was last creating. There are so many amazing small businesses providing unique yarn – hand dyed – hand spun – eco friendly – fair trade – the list goes on. I’ve learn to spin in the intervening years so the idea of producing my own line of yarns is also a possibility. Being the yarn addict that I am I am having an amazing time searching for my new favourite yarn. What’s your favourite yarn?


One thought on “In search of a new favourite yarn

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