Which pointy sticks?!

There are so many types of knitting needles available these days the subject of which pointy sticks resulted in a lot of opinions on Twitter- not only which type of knitting needles but which brand. Here’s my low down on my preferences and needle collection.

I learnt to knit like many people on a hodge podge mix and match of vintage needles many pairs slightly worse for wear indeed I still have an enormous collection of these

It was a revelation when I realised I could do straight knitting on circular needles – no more risk of poking a child as I knitted ! I like knitpros smoothness but sometimes get irritated when the screw fasteners sometimes slightly untwist during knitting. Other brands such as Hiya Hiya and chiagoo and addi click interchangeables have been recommended so I shall be doing a review of these soon. I have some generic circulars from eBay which were inexpensive and are fab which I use all the time. I never use straight needles anymore aside from the old fashioned metal dpns for sock knitting which I still love. I’d love to know what are your favourite ‘pointy’ sticks ?



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