E Spinner – a whole new spinning experience

I am very lucky to have an Uncle who is a mechanical genius – he has built me an e spinner designed to spin effortlessly. He cleverly housed it in the base of an old sewing machine so it has a nifty hard cover.


I can’t describe how excited I was to take delivery of this machine a couple of days ago – to buy an Ashford e spinner would have set me back close to £500 and this e spinner (in my opinion) is bigger and better !

The e spinner was built on a wooden board which has been inserted into a sewing machine base – the machine flips open so that the electronics can be accessed if necessary. The flyer has large hooks and scotch tension by way of a large spring and leather band. The bobbin is simply enormous – I doubt whether I will ever actually fill it !


Speed is controlled by a switch and it can really fly.


There is also a foot operated on and off switch which allows for a quick start with hands ready in drafting position.


So what is it like spinning on an e spinner? It is different from using a traditional wheel in that speed is constant so you have to develop a rythmn. `I think its a little tricker to do this than when you are using your feet but this will come with practice. As this e spinner can go so quickly I initially needed to find a speed that suited my drafting skills – it can be turned right down though and I think it would be great for a new spinner to practice drafting without having to worry about pedalling when set on the lower speed.

The singles spun beautifully – as even and smooth as I wanted them – I used Blue Faced Leicester roving for my first spin:


I wound the single off onto a cone before spinning another single to ply as this machine has a fixed bobbin. I often ply from two separate balls of singles in yarn bowls so this was no problem.


Plying was probably the biggest learning curve so far as I experimented with finding the right speed to get the amount of twist I wanted. Once established it was effortless.
The e spinner is so much fun to spin on and it certainly needs just as much skill to operate as a traditional wheel so none of the challenge of spinning is lost. I can spin for hours with no aching ankles !!


I am well on the way to my goal of production spinning – I hope to have some yummy yarns for sale soon in the meantime here’s my first yarn from the e spinner after washing – its soft and scrummy !



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