Weaving, Spinning, knitting

Are you ever torn between crafts ? After the excitement of the e spinners arrival I remembered that on my to do list for this week was the weaving of a wrap for my mum in laws birthday. I was gifted some cones of very fine 1 ply merino some time ago, as well as lots of cones of machine knitting yarn. By combining these cones I designed a lovely warp in the reed – my favourite way to work. You simply warp as the mood takes you with no preconceived plan of what the warp will look like, apart from the colours you have chosen.

I used the same yarns to wind a multi coloured warp – this plain weave needed to be done quickly as the gift is needed for Friday. As I sat weaving this afternoon I tuned in to the simple joy of weaving and my mind wandered to the possibilities of another loom in the future – a four shaft maybe ?
Spinning, knitting, weaving – I love them all equally – and wish there were more hours in the day.


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