Ever heard of Garter Stitch Jacquard Knitting?

Have you ever heard of Garter  Stitch Jacquard Knitting? Well I certainly hadn’t, until today and I would say I was fairly obsessive about reading about knitting techniques ! I was playing around with some scraps of leftover hand spun yarn last night – I can’t bear to waste any of it, knowing how long it has taken to produce, so am always knitting little bits and bobs to use up the very last bit. I was going to knit a little purse and as usual I picked up the needles and began to knit with only a vague idea of what the yarn was going to turn into. It was a bit late and I was a bit tired so I found myself knitting garter stitch. I though fleetingly of Fair Isle, but that would have meant  changing to stocking stitch wouldn’t it ?  What the heck I thought – let’s see what happens!  I continued knitting in garter stitch using a fair isle peerie pattern. It made a semi-woven coloured band  which I think looks really pretty.

One of the things I love about knitting is that it takes you off on a tangent often times. I wondered whether there was any such thing as Garter Stitch Fair Isle ? My google search lead me to Franklin Habit’s amazing blog

He has done a version of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Tomten Jacket using what he terms Garter Stitch Jacquard. This technique is something I am going to explore in my designing. Patterns are charted and it is a brilliant technique for anyone who loves garter stitch. I love how I learn something new about knitting every day !


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