Handwoven Knitting Bags and Rainbow Yarn

I’ve had a busy week with a couple of new products – hand spun Rainbow Yarn and handwoven knitting bags.
The Rainbow yarn is merino in a myriad of colours spun on the e spinner. Each skein is different depending on the mix of colours which I blend as I go. It’s been a popular yarn this week selling like hot cakes at £12 for 100m – I’m spinning this to order so get in touch if you would like some.

The second exciting project this week has been designing extra special knitting bags. I weave the fabric on my Kromski Harp Loom, weave the straps on my inkle loom, line the bag with pretty cotton and finally embellish with a handmade love to knit button. I have enjoyed making these bags hugely and I am sure their new owners will have many happy knitting hours with the bags by their sides !!
I’ll be making more bags and spinning more yarn – keep an eye out via Twitter and Facebook or get in touch enstockc@gmail.com for further details.



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