Review: Nicky Epstein’s Knitting in Circles

Nicky Epstein’s Knitting in Circles – I came to buy this book after my interest in knitting circles was kick started by knitting Elizabeth Zimmermanns Pi Shawl. It is fascinating and addictive as well as a little bit magical when you knit a circle using circular needles – the shape is hidden until you cast off and the circle unfolds!
The book itself is beautifully photographed – a coffee table knitting book I might say – BUT – this is a really useful book to add to your collection. It’s my kind of knitting book in that it provides you with instructions for 100 different circles allowing you to design your own knits in the same way a cookery book allows you to concoct your own recipes.
I knitted one of the circles in handspun and the instructions were clear and easy to follow – this is the 10 spiral decrease

The designs are charted alongside the written instructions so you can work in your preferred way. The is a huge variety of circles plain, lacy, intarsia, bobbles, fair isle. This is my favourite of the colourwork circles:

There are also patterns for bags capes dresses and more. I would definately recommend this book – there is hours of fabulous knitting to be found within it’s pages.

Knitting in Circles


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